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Telephone Table Gets a Lego Makeover

Ahhhhh the Telephone Table…….an outdated and useless piece of furniture from decades past….

A few months back my mom discovered an old telephone table that we used to have in our house when I was a kid.  I still remember the old rotary phone sitting there with the papers and pens ready to take messages when someone called…..the good old days……

Mom asked if I was interested in giving it a facelift.

I had seen a lot of great telephone table makeovers and I definitely wanted to give it a go.

Below is the table pre-makeover…….


This piece of furniture just screamed, “LEGO TABLE!”

After cleaning it up and sanding it down a bit I painted the flat surfaces black (I love to make roads on my Lego tables).  I let the paint sit overnight and then taped off my roads and spray painted the rest of the table blue.

Next it was time for the Lego base plates.  I laid them out and cut a few to make them fit properly.

Base plates are pretty easy to cut.  I took a long Lego piece and swiped a razor blade down the side of the Lego a few times.  Then I bent the plate till it broke……..


After my plates were cut, I spread Gorilla glue on the back of the plate (I was careful to keep from the edges as it expands) and pressed the plates in place on the table.  Once all of the plates were down I placed Legos along the seams……..


Once in a while I would pop the Legos off of the seams to make sure no glue was coming up through the seam and then put them back on the seam.  If there is glue coming up through the seams gently wiped it away with a rag (when I see glue in the seams I am extra vigilant with my seam holding Legos because I don’t want to accidentally glue them to the base plate).

Once the plates were dry I painted my road with acrylic paint.

The finished table……..


I like that the telephone table offers two separate building spaces.

This table is going to have a new home at my sister’s house.  I am going to put a big bow on it and give to my nephew’s for Christmas.  I am hoping it gets lots of playtime 🙂

Until next time…..Thanks for stopping by