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TV Land Peg Friends…..

There are several 1960’s/1970’s TV shows that many of us 80’s kids grew up with.  Honestly, I was surprised when I got older and familiar with IMDB just how old some of the TV shows that I grew up with actually were.  None the less they were and continue to be timeless.

My Peg Friends in this post represent some of that timeless TV…….

Up first is The Andy Griffith Show (1960-1968).  Things seemed so easy in Mayberry……..Where the shadiest characters you could run in to were Otis the town drunk or Ernest T Bass the town troublemaker…….

Below is Andy, Aunt Bea, Opie (and his fish), Barney, Gomer and Goober:


Next we have one of my ultimate favorites……Bewitched (1964 – 1972).  I always thought Elizabeth Montgomery was absolutely beautiful…..and I totally wanted to be able to wiggle my nose and have my hearts desire……

Below is Darren, Samantha and Endora:


Another TV show favorite was I Dream of Jeanie (1965 – 1970).

Below is Jeanie and Major Anthony Nelson:


Next up is Happy Days (1974-1984)…….where I had a slight crush on the future Charles in Charge which oddly enough I didn’t paint.

Below is Fonzie, Richie, Joanie, Mrs. Cunningham and Mr. Cunningham:


And Finally……I Love Lucy which is not quite 60’s or 70’s (1951 – 1957).

Below is Ricky and Lucy and her bottle of Vitameatavegamin:


Hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane and if you have somehow been able to avoid any of these classic TV shows I highly recommend that you check them out 🙂


Ode 80’s Cinema Presents…….Two Slightly Tardy Christmas Movies

The weeks leading up to Christmas were super busy as always so this post is a bit tardy but I am willing to bet someone still has their Christmas tree up.

It has been a while since I have paid tribute to 80’s cinema so it is time to do just that……..

It doesn’t seem like Christmas until someone flips the TV to TBS for the all day “A Christmas Story” marathon.  This year I was lucky enough to catch the movie from “the major award” scene to the end and then started over from the beginning.

Below are Mr. and Mrs. Parker (Mr. Parker with his blue ball), Ralphie and Randy:


I have to admit, I do get a little emotional every time Raphie opens up that dang Red Rider BB Gun.

Another Christmas movie that is one of my all time favorites is “Christmas Vacation”

Below is Cousin Eddie, Clark, Audrey, Rusty and Ellen:


These were really fun to make.  When making most of my “accessories” I use a thin foam but that was not going to work with Clark’s Santa hat because I needed something more cloth-like.  I had a paper towel sitting on the table to dry my brushes with and got a crazy idea.  I colored the paper towel with red marker and taped it together in the shape of a Santa hat then hot glued some cotton ball in all of the fuzzy spots.  Not too shabby for a paper towel and a cotton ball.

I painted quite a bit of peg friends over the past month so there are a lot more to share……..



Ode to 80’s Cinema Presents……….ROCKY!!

Today I am paying tribute to Rocky in the Ode to 80’s series………

Ok, so I am going to be honest here……all of the Rocky movies run together for me.  There are just so many of them!

Below are the characters that stand out most to me……I think I have III and IV covered??


Above we have Thunderlips, Drago (whose hair looks better in person, in this picture it looks like a poorly done hat), Rocky, Clubber and Mickey.

Yes, I know I missed Apollo……my husband pointed that out immediately.

There is nothing cooler than painting Hulk and Mr. T while jamming to 80’s pop on Pandora…….


I think Thunderlips has inspired me to do an 80’s wrestling series……so many AWESOME characters!!

More to come……..



SHYS Presents…….Random Peg Person First Edition

Every now and then I have a friend who comes up with a random celebrity or character that they (jokingly) say would make a great peg person.

I of course take it as a challenge and usually make it…..Hence I have a bunch of random peg people who I will be sharing every now and then…….

See if you can guess who my first random peg person is……


Here are some clues…….

#1 – 1990’s

#2 – Underwear Model

#3 – Good Vibrations

tick tock….tick tock…..tick tock…..tick tock……..

Time’s up!!

If you guessed Marky Mark…..aka Mark Wahlberg you are correct!!

If you have a random character that you would like to see made into a peg person comment below…..I might take on the challenge 🙂


Happy Bob’s Burgers Day!!

Sharing my Bob’s Burgers Pegs in honor of today’s comic book release……..


We LOVE Bob’s Burgers in this house!!!

I am sure we will be making a stop at the comic book store eventually to check it out…….

That is all 🙂

Checker Board Table and Peg People Battles

This summer I had planned on getting up early and hitting garage sales for some furniture to make over.  Every time I got motivated enough to hit some sales it was well after 2pm and we all know only the crap is left after that time.

So, one day I decided to take a trip to the thrift shop instead.  It had been YEARS since I had been to a thrift shop and I was floored at how much furniture they carry (who needs garage sales).  I picked up 2 small tables for CHEAP and was on my way.

My new $6.99 table………

Checker Board Table 0

The first table I picked up that day I made into a Lego table (shocker!).  This 2nd one I decided to make into a game table.

My Project List:

  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Spray Paint
  • Sandpaper
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Newspaper

I thought checkerboard…..easy peasy right?

Checker Board Table 5

No!  Not easy!  I taped and retaped and painted this thing about 4 times!!  The 4 times is not counting the 2 times that you have to retape it anyway to get the checkerboard pattern…….so it was more like 8 times.

If I actually measured things and didn’t just eyeball them, I am sure this would have been 10 times easier.  Measuring is definitely something that I could stand to work on…….but I am not that patient and this is just for fun anyway 🙂

Well this is the end result of the table……..

Checker board table 3

Not perfect, but it will do 🙂

Now to make some game pieces.  We decided to do peg people battles.

First up is my daughter’s favorite, Plants vs. Zombies………

Plants vs Zombies Checker Pegs

Next we have the Zombies vs. Gentlemen……………

Zombies vs Gentlemen Checker Pegs

And lastly we have Ninjas…………….

Ninjas Checker Pegs

I painted a few spools to use as “King Me Pedestals” also.

Here is the board all ready to go, plus an extra Zombie that wondered on the playing field. (Yes, I know this is not regulation checkers….too many rows in the middle and only room for 11 and not 12 pieces)……..

Checker board table 2

I painted the black with chalkboard paint in order to have a spot to keep score.

Now it was time to teach my 6-year-old how to play checkers…….

Checker board table 1

This MAY have been almost as challenging as painting the table.  She is not exactly a good sport.  There were tears every time I took one of her guys and shouts of “in your face” when she took mine.  With time that will change……I hope.

Until next time……..




Ode to 80’s Cinema Presents……..Horror Movies Part One

Time for me to pay homage to some of the BEST horror movies of the 80’s and possibly EVER………

I am going to start with one of my favorites……Nightmare on Elm Street!!

Nightmare on Elm Street Peg People

I find Freddy Krueger one of the most terrifying horror movie characters of all time.  I really do enjoy these movies, especially the first one with my teenage crush Mr. Johnny Depp.

I distinctly remember going to a haunted house with my husband and some friends a few years back in this old closed down school that they tried to play off as an abandoned asylum.  The tour took us into the “boiler room” I knew instantly that Freddy was in there somewhere.  Next thing you know some guy with finger knives was scraping them against the metal……..I ran.  Actually, I pushed by everyone (possibly pushing someone down) and I RAN!!  I RAN all of the way out to my car!!

Next up is my husband’s favorite horror movie franchise……..Halloween!!

While his favorite is the 1st one from 1978, there were 3 more in the 80’s that were not too terrible so in my opinion it qualifies as 80’s.

Below we have Michael Myers in full mechanic’s garb……….

Halloween Peg People

Our next horror favorites are the Friday the 13th movies………

Friday the 13th Peg People

On a random note we recently visited Vorhees Park in Reading, Ohio………


My final movie in this post is The Shining.

Heeeeeeere’s Johnny……….

The Shining Peg People

As far as Steven King movies go this is one that stayed with me.  I still to this day will check behind the shower curtain when walking into a bathroom (who wants to be attacked by a corpse……am I right?)

I also can’t forget those creepy twins……

Hello, Danny.  Come and play with us.  Come and play with us, Danny.  Forever….and ever….and ever.

Well this is it for part one of Ode to 80’s Cinema Horror.  If you have an 80’s horror movie that you would like me to try to peg people up leave a comment below.  I have a few more horror movies I want to try, but I would love some suggestions.

Until next time……..