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Minecraft Valentines

My daughter’s first grade “class list” for valentines arrived in her back pack the other day reminding me that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.

When I was in school we always made valentines boxes which was so much fun.  But my daughter’s school doesn’t do the boxes which is a bummer so we (mainly I) have made our own valentines for her class instead.  We try to make valentines that reflect whatever she is passionate about at the time…..Preschool we did superhero valentines and kindergarten was all about zombies.  This year it was a no brainer……Minecraft!!

My daughter is always drawing Minecraft characters on the back of her school papers and this week it even made it into her class journal….



We decided to make perler bead Creepers.  She made exactly one Creeper until she had to quit because her “wrist was hurting” so that left me to make the remaining 24 Creepers.


But the awesome thing about this project is that I discovered a way to melt the beads without melting my bead board…..painter’s tape!!

I took painter’s tape and pressed it down over my Creeper….


When I lifted the tape the Creeper came with it…..


I then covered with my ironing paper and ironed the creeper.  Super easy and no melted bead board!!

After all of the Creepers were created I cut up some thin poster board and created valentines……


The boys are getting green Creepers and the girls are getting the pink Creepers.  All that is left to do is have my daughter write her name on the bottom of each of these, which I am sure she will be happy to do on the first 5 and then it will become a challenge.

During the whole process my 3-year-old son kept asking where Steve was.  Needless to say he ended up with his very own Steve…..


Thanks for stopping by………



Backpack Character Bling

It’s that time again!!  School’s back in session!!

We went a little backpack crazy last year for our daughter’s Kindergarten year and bought her a couple of backpacks (she couldn’t decide and we were SUPER excited for school).  Since we have an almost new backpack that she only used part of last year we couldn’t see buying her a new one for first grade.

To reignite her excitement in her backpack from last year I made her some “Character Bling” with melty beads.

My daughter is into video games, zombies and about anything on cartoon network so I had a lot of characters to choose from that would spark her interest.

I pulled out my trusty bead board and melty beads and got to work.

Below is Finn from one of her favorite shows, Adventure Time……..


After melting my beads and cooling them (See 8-bit bow posting for details) I drilled a hole into each of my characters.

Now it was time to figure out how to get them to stay on her back pack.

Last year I made her a character for her backpack and it was a nightmare because I used one of these gadgets to hook it on………


It broke or came off every other day and was SUPER frustrating to get on in the first place 😦

I recently found these clever little clips at the craft store and they are pretty perfect because she can take them on and off herself…….


I attached some cord to one end of the clip and then put the cord through my character in the hole that I drilled………


and attached to the opposite end of the buckle.

Below we have Finn, Baby Mario, Creeper, Nyan Cat, Zombie and Boo…….

perler bead backpack bling minecraft

She was all smiles when she saw all of her new backpack bling 🙂

At first she wanted to clip on Nyan Cat (a rainbow pooping pop tart cat that she discovered…..so random but she LOVES it).

After some more thought she finally decided to go with the Creeper and Finn for her first day of school……..


As an afterthought, this backpack didn’t have the name and phone number tag like her other backpack so we made our own with the melty beads………


Hope you enjoyed this project.

Come back soon for some new and fun stuff!!


8-Bit Bow – Melty Bead Style

My daughter LOVES video games and Minecraft as well as Mario top the list so anything 8-bit is pretty popular in this house.

When I discovered Perler Beads aka Melty Beads I was in heaven.

They come in absolutely beautiful colors and they are SUPER easy to work with.

The colors are amazing……..


One of the first things I ever made with these lovely little beads were 8-bit bows.

My Project List:

  • Perler Beads
  • Bead Board
  • Glue Gun
  • Iron
  • Iron Paper
  • Headband
  • Your favorite music to jam to

First I outlined my bow on the bead board…….


Then I colored it in.  It is fun to mix it up by using several colors also.

I used the striped beads for this bow…….


Once I had the bow all put together it was time to bust out the iron.

I placed my ironing paper over the bow and ironed it until the beads melted together.  I knew it was time to stop ironing when the beads were all filled in by the melted plastic.

Next it was time to pull off the ironing paper and take it off of the bead board.  I have burned myself several times doing this so if you attempt this be careful because the plastic is of course VERY hot from the iron.


Once the bow was off of the bead board I turned it over and put it between the ironing paper and ironed the other side to seal it.


I normally don’t melt the back completely.  I just melt it enough to seal it a bit.  Once I have the back done I let it cool for about 30 seconds and then wrap it around my headband.  This has to be done when it is still warm enough to bend.


I prop the bow against the headband for a minute or so (again this is hot plastic I am working with so I have to be careful not to burn myself).  Once it hardens enough to still be slightly pliable but not ridiculously hot I hot-glued  that bad boy to the headband and the project was complete!!

After it cooled completely (takes about 10-15 min to cool) I had my sweet daughter model it (she was so happy to model, can you tell?)……..


We made a bunch of these bows for all of her friends and they were a hit……….


These beads are great!!  There are so many fun things that can be made with them.

I have plenty more Perler bead projects to share so stay tuned……..


Keep Them Busy Till Dinner Sticks

I am starting a new category called, “I Saw it on Pinterest”.

A lot of times I have an idea first and then I consult Pinterest to see who has already tried it.

Then there are the times that I see something AMAZING that I would have never thought of doing myself.  This category is for the stuff I would have never come up with on my own and giving it a go.  I am sure there will be successes and fails……only time will tell.

My first post idea I found on Pinterest comes from a blog called “Tot Treasures North Bay” which has lots of fun stuff for the kiddos!!

I am always looking for things to keep the kids busy when we go out to eat.  I have been known to hide happy meal toys or packets of Pez in my purse only to pull them out in a desperate attempt to keep my kids civilized in public.

When I saw this project I had to try it for two reasons:  #1 – it would fit in my purse and #2 – it looked SUPER easy to complete.

My Project List:

  • Velcro
  • Colored Craft Sticks
  • Plastic Bag
  • Acrylic Paints


I stuck the Velcro to the end of each stick on both sides so they could be stuck together by the kids.


Of course I also needed a trusty plastic bag to put them in so I could put them in my purse in case of emergency…….


Alright, now I had to test them.  I told my Husband that we needed to go out to dinner tonight so I could test my project.  He of course rolled his eyes and then we promptly got the kids ready to go to a sit down restaurant.

As soon as we sat at our table my 2 year-old son grabbed a handful of sugar packets and launched them at me yelling, “Hulk SMASH”!!  This moment proving why I need SOMETHING to keep him busy.

After ordering, I pulled out my project and gave it to the kids.

My son was instantly curious……


My daughter got to work making her name…….


My son’s picture frame…….


I noticed that they were not only building with them, but using them as characters…..LIGHT BULB for later!!.


Success!!  They both played with them the entire time we waited for our dinner.  The waitress even commented on how fun they were.

This project wasn’t finished though……….

As soon as we got home I busted out the paints.

I am no artist, but my kids recognize who I was painting, so another success in my book 🙂


I was very happy with how this project turned out.

I now have another trick up my sleeve for keeping the kids busy during the dreaded restaurant wait.

More “I Saw It on Pinterest” to come……..