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A Superhero Party – Photo Wall with Props

Superheroes are all the rage in this house.  Both my son and daughter love the heroes (and the villians).  When I asked my soon to be 3-year-old what type of party he wanted to have he mentioned about 5 different superheroes and since 4 of the 5 were Avengers we went with it……

I have wanted to try to make a photo wall and props for a while now but never had a reason…..so now was my chance.

Luckily we have a chalkboard wall in the kids playroom and a Superhero theme is easy…..just draw some buildings.

I grabbed my new chalk markers (which by the way are AWESOME) and a straight edge and went to town:


It looked very plain so I decided to add a little bling but since I am not much for drawing on the wall, I grabbed some copy paper, markers and scissors and made some bling to tape to the wall:


I also played around with making a big moon and other things in the background but couldn’t make it work so I kept it simple.

The next thing I needed to work on were my props.  I painted a Captain America shield on a cake round and then did a few pencil drawings on some poster board:


Then I painted them (with acrylic paints), cut them out and hot glued a stick to em (Yes, I know Wonder Woman is not an Avenger….she was a special request from my son).  I also took the opportunity to fix my daughter’s Harley Quinn mallet that took a beating during Halloween:


The next prop I made was a fun after work project one day……


Thor’s Hammer……which my daughter claimed as her own:


The last prop that is very important for a superhero is a cape, so we made some out of plastic table cloths:


I cut the table cloth in a “cape” shape:


Then I cut a straight line from the corner towards the middle:


Then cut a half circle on each side of the cut leaving two long pieces to go around the neck:


Then I attached Velcro to each side for easy connecting.  My cutting was not perfect but the kiddos didn’t mind and I got 5 capes out of each tablecloth:


Party Time!!  My son insisted on wearing his Joker costume which was a bit off theme but it was his birthday so he got his way:


The kids had fun!!  I had a great time taking pictures of the little heroes:


Up next will be “Super Food”…….stay tuned………..



Comic Book Cornhole Boards

It is rare to go to a summer cookout in the great state of Ohio without someone busting out the cornhole boards. For those of you that don’t know this game, the name is awful and we all know how it sounds.

It is nearly impossible to find good quality cornhole boards from a store, and no ones wants to play “Baggo” that is just disappointing.

My uncle made us a good quality set years ago, unfortunately they sat for a good 5 years in our garage.  They were pulled out for a few events but for the most part they sat there blank and sad.

Our blank and sad cornhole boards……..


One of the reasons they sat blank for so long is that we couldn’t decide what we wanted to do with them.  I suggested Jem and the holograms vs. the Misfits but my husband was more interested in Jedi’s vs. The Empire.  We were just big nerds that could not agree.

With the kids help we finally decided on Superman vs. Batman.

When the decision was made we were off to the Comic Book store.  One of the most inexpensive things to decorate with are comics.  If you are a huge comic book fan you might not want to read any further because this might be shocking.

We visit the comic book store quite a bit and I NEVER tell the guy what I am doing with the comics that I pillage from the cheap bin.  He might not let me back.  I am actually waiting for one of the kids to spill the beans, but to date I have been lucky.

Disclosure:  If the comic is from 1980 or older, I can’t bring myself to tear it up.  I have a pile of old Comics in a closet since I never pay attention to the dates until I am ready to take the scissors to them.  I figure if that comic has survived in tact for close to 35 years I don’t want to be the one to destroy it.  I am sure their day will come, but for right now they are safely tucked away.

My Project List:

  • Comics
  • Mod Podge
  • Brush
  • Scissors
  • Water Seal

I start by cutting up the comics and making a pile of the better pictures that feature characters I like.  Then I put a layer of mod podge with the brush on whatever part of the board I am working on (it dries pretty quick so I make sure I work in small sections)  I put the pages that are not as interesting down first on top of the mod podge and then put another layer of mod podge on top of those.  Then I get out the good picture pile and start placing them on top.  After I have all of my pictures down I spread mod podge all over the entire board (this gets messy) I use my fingers to flatten the pictures. The mod podge starts out cloudy when applied but dries clear.

Below is the finished project……..


I put a water seal over top of the boards once they were dry.  I still wouldn’t leave them out in the elements, but it made me feel better to put a seal on them anyway.

In the end, the Superman vs. Batman was a perfect theme.  We already had the standard red and blue bags for the boards so it fit in nicely:

  • Red Bag =  Team Superman
  • Blue Bag = Team Batman

I have received a lot of compliments on our boards.  They are so colorful and fun!!

I have other comic book projects I will be sharing soon………