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Ode 80’s Cinema Presents…….Two Slightly Tardy Christmas Movies

The weeks leading up to Christmas were super busy as always so this post is a bit tardy but I am willing to bet someone still has their Christmas tree up.

It has been a while since I have paid tribute to 80’s cinema so it is time to do just that……..

It doesn’t seem like Christmas until someone flips the TV to TBS for the all day “A Christmas Story” marathon.  This year I was lucky enough to catch the movie from “the major award” scene to the end and then started over from the beginning.

Below are Mr. and Mrs. Parker (Mr. Parker with his blue ball), Ralphie and Randy:


I have to admit, I do get a little emotional every time Raphie opens up that dang Red Rider BB Gun.

Another Christmas movie that is one of my all time favorites is “Christmas Vacation”

Below is Cousin Eddie, Clark, Audrey, Rusty and Ellen:


These were really fun to make.  When making most of my “accessories” I use a thin foam but that was not going to work with Clark’s Santa hat because I needed something more cloth-like.  I had a paper towel sitting on the table to dry my brushes with and got a crazy idea.  I colored the paper towel with red marker and taped it together in the shape of a Santa hat then hot glued some cotton ball in all of the fuzzy spots.  Not too shabby for a paper towel and a cotton ball.

I painted quite a bit of peg friends over the past month so there are a lot more to share……..



Costumes made with LOVE………

I LOVE fall……and with fall comes Halloween and with Halloween comes trick or treating and costumes!!

When I was young, I remember being so excited to dress up and march up and down the streets of our grandparent’s neighborhood ringing doorbells anticipating who was going to answer (a lot of people in the neighborhood would dress up) and what treats we were going to get (would we get a full sized bar?  Yes, sometimes there were full sized bars…..even in the 80’s).

After a night of trick or treating we would head back to our grandparent’s house and dump all of our loot on the floor (of course Mom would have to sort through it first…….you know, to make sure that no a-hole put needles or razor blades in the candies).  After we got the go ahead, it was time to count our candy and make trades.

My sister and I have trick or treated over the past 30 years in the same neighborhood.  Of course we are no longer the ones trick or treating anymore……it is our kids turn.  Every year we get geared up to head out with our husbands, our mom and our kids in tow.  It is an event!

Homemade costumes are my favorite.  My mom would bust out the make up and whatever props she could find is what we used.  I remember being a hobo or a clown several times over the years.

circa 1980 something clowns (I am the one in the wig)…..


Well my sister and I have continued the tradition of homemade costumes over the years.  With a trip to the thrift shop and/or craft store you can be just about anything.

Check out my sister and I a decade or so later (I am the cheesing vampire)……


Now we get to make our kids costumes (at least for now).

Here are a couple of my favorites that my sister came up with for her kids.

My nephew was the cutest Chucky ever!!


And this one was super cool…..my nephew as Stewie….


Here are a few that I have made for my kids…….

My daughter was really into Monster High a few years back so we picked up a couple of pairs of green tights and drew some stitches on them, grabbed one of dad’s ties and we had our very own Frankie Stein (luckily she already had a dress similar to Frankie’s in the closet so this one was pretty easy)……


My son was one year old last Halloween so we were thinking that it was probably going to be the last year he wouldn’t have an opinion about his costume.  We couldn’t resist making him the Key Master from Ghostbusters.  I found a plastic colander, painted it silver and added a bunch of old wires with a pair of glasses we had left over from an old Velma costume…….


My daughter was obsessed with Bellatrix last year so that is who she wanted to be.  We bought a dress at the thrift shop.  I cut it up in a few places and laced it back together.  I also tried my hand at making a corset.  She picked a stick from the yard as her wand and painted it herself.  We later sprayed her hair black (which was a pain to get out of her blonde hair)


This year we are going to tackle the Joker and Harley Quinn.  I have not started on the Joker yet but we have Harley Quinn about 75% done.  All that is left to do is work out the make up.

We started my daugher’s costume by making Harley’s mallet out of an oatmeal container and a big stick.

My daughter even helped paint it…….


I bought a dress from the thrift shop and hot glued a couple of diamonds I cut from some fabric (yes I hot glued them…..I don’t sew….yet).  However I did make an exception and sewed (poorly I might add) some ribbon to a pair of gloves to make them look like jester gloves.

This is our 75% complete Harley costume….


and one more picture…….


Please don’t get me wrong I have purchased plenty of costumes.  I couldn’t pass up the cute little pumpkin or ladybug the first couple of Halloweens for my daughter but I have found that I really enjoy making my kids costumes.  It is exciting and fun to have the kids pick what they want to be and then try to figure out how to make it.  They may not be the best quality but they come from the heart.

I am sure the day is going to come very soon when they don’t want mom making their costumes anymore, so I am going to enjoy every minute of them being excited for now about what I can make for them.








Ode to 80’s Cinema Presents……….ROCKY!!

Today I am paying tribute to Rocky in the Ode to 80’s series………

Ok, so I am going to be honest here……all of the Rocky movies run together for me.  There are just so many of them!

Below are the characters that stand out most to me……I think I have III and IV covered??


Above we have Thunderlips, Drago (whose hair looks better in person, in this picture it looks like a poorly done hat), Rocky, Clubber and Mickey.

Yes, I know I missed Apollo……my husband pointed that out immediately.

There is nothing cooler than painting Hulk and Mr. T while jamming to 80’s pop on Pandora…….


I think Thunderlips has inspired me to do an 80’s wrestling series……so many AWESOME characters!!

More to come……..



Ode to 80’s Cinema Presents……..Horror Movies Part One

Time for me to pay homage to some of the BEST horror movies of the 80’s and possibly EVER………

I am going to start with one of my favorites……Nightmare on Elm Street!!

Nightmare on Elm Street Peg People

I find Freddy Krueger one of the most terrifying horror movie characters of all time.  I really do enjoy these movies, especially the first one with my teenage crush Mr. Johnny Depp.

I distinctly remember going to a haunted house with my husband and some friends a few years back in this old closed down school that they tried to play off as an abandoned asylum.  The tour took us into the “boiler room” I knew instantly that Freddy was in there somewhere.  Next thing you know some guy with finger knives was scraping them against the metal……..I ran.  Actually, I pushed by everyone (possibly pushing someone down) and I RAN!!  I RAN all of the way out to my car!!

Next up is my husband’s favorite horror movie franchise……..Halloween!!

While his favorite is the 1st one from 1978, there were 3 more in the 80’s that were not too terrible so in my opinion it qualifies as 80’s.

Below we have Michael Myers in full mechanic’s garb……….

Halloween Peg People

Our next horror favorites are the Friday the 13th movies………

Friday the 13th Peg People

On a random note we recently visited Vorhees Park in Reading, Ohio………


My final movie in this post is The Shining.

Heeeeeeere’s Johnny……….

The Shining Peg People

As far as Steven King movies go this is one that stayed with me.  I still to this day will check behind the shower curtain when walking into a bathroom (who wants to be attacked by a corpse……am I right?)

I also can’t forget those creepy twins……

Hello, Danny.  Come and play with us.  Come and play with us, Danny.  Forever….and ever….and ever.

Well this is it for part one of Ode to 80’s Cinema Horror.  If you have an 80’s horror movie that you would like me to try to peg people up leave a comment below.  I have a few more horror movies I want to try, but I would love some suggestions.

Until next time……..


Ode to 80’s Cinema Presents….an Alien, a Mermaid and a Gopher

The 80’s movies in this post really have nothing in common except that they are all totally AWESOME!

Let’s start with one of the most lovable alien’s to ever hit the movie screen…….E.T.

I am not embarrassed to say that this movie still makes me cry like a baby, even though I know how it ends.  It really is a fantastic movie.  This is one that I look forward to watching with my kids.  Honestly I am not sure why my 6-year-old has not seen this yet….looks like we have some movie watching to do this weekend 🙂

Below we have E.T. and Elliot…….


It took me a minute to figure out how in the world I was going to make E.T.  I ended up cutting the head off of a mini peg person (I felt kind of weird doing this….).  Then I grabbed some of my kid’s play-doh and wrapped it around the head I cut off of the peg person, shaping it like E.T’s head.  I cut a toothpick and wrapped play-doh around it for the neck.  I figured that the toothpick would give it some support.  The arm is foam and of course I used my hot glue gun to glue all of the pieces together.  I was worried that the play-doh would crack and fall apart when it dried but it has held up for 2 days now, so I guess it worked (I doubt it can be played with by the kids but it is holding up just fine on a shelf).

Next up is another great movie that is a slight tear jerker……..Splash!

Below we have Allen and Madison…………

Splash peg people

Splash was originally not on my list as I totally forgot about it, but my husband brought it up the other night and I immediately wanted to make them.  I have a feeling that my list is just going to keep growing……..

So finally, a movie that was at the TOP of my list……..Caddyshack!!

This is an absolutely FANTASTIC movie.

below we have Judge Smails, Al, Ty, Carl and the Gopher………….

Caddyshack peg people

Even though the movie is not quite kid appropriate, I pulled up a couple of videos online of the gopher dancing to Kenny Logins and Carl trying to get him and my kids loved it.

Sandy: I want you to kill every gopher on the course!

Carl: Check me if I am wrong Sandy, but if I kill all the golfers, they’re gonna lock me up and throw away the key….

Sandy: Gophers, ya great git!  The gophers!  The little brown furry rodents!

Carl: We can do that; we don’t even have to have a reason.

More Ode to 80’s Cinema to come……..





Ode to 80’s Cinema Presents…..2 Chick Flicks and The Breakfast Club

I have three classic 80’s movies treats for everyone today!!

Starting with one of the ULTIMATE Chick Flicks from the 80’s!!  Dirty Dancing!!

Here we have Baby and Johnny…….


I had a MAJOR Swayze crush during the Dirty Dancing days…….  I must have watched Dirty Dancing 200 times as a tween and then another 200 times as an adult……and that last dance scene I have probably watched 1,000 times (come on ladies we know we had that DVD or VHS tape set to rewind that part over and over).  I am not ashamed to say that I still have this soundtrack in my normal jamming rotation on ITunes 🙂

Now the other chick flick being featured today……..Say Anything!!

Here we have the lovable Lloyd Dobler and Diane Court…….


I did not watch this movie quite as many times as I watched Dirty Dancing but it got it’s fair share of viewings.  I still get chills when I hear Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes”.

Now for the not so much a chick flick, but I guess it does have sappy parts………..Breakfast Club!!

You know, the movie about the brain, athlete, basket case, princess and criminal.

Below we have Mr. Vernon, Bender, Allison, Claire, Andrew and Brian


Great Brat Pack Movie!!  I remember watching this one several times, it has been a LONG time though so I may have to revisit this one soon.

I was part of the Breakfast Club once in Highschool…..It was no where near as cool as the movie 😦

This movie also has another FANTASTIC song in my jamming rotation……Simple Minds, “Don’t You Forget About Me”.

Ahhhhhh so many 80’s movies to come……..



Ode to 80’s Cinema Presents Gremlins and Goonies

I think about every 80’s kid remembers both of these fine movies.  They were both scary and thrilling to a kid.

Let’s start with Gremlins.

For many kids this was our first “Horror” movie.  I remember Gremlins giving me nightmares for weeks!!

My blank slate……


Gremlins is so dark that it was near impossible to see the character’s clothes to recreate them from pictures, so I had to bust out the movie.  I forgot how good this movie was……I caught myself watching it and had to get back to work.

The finished project…….


Above we have Stripe, Kate, Billie and Gizmo.

I made Stripe and Gizmo’s ears out of foam.  My daughter peeked in on this project and said, “he is scary (pointing to Stripe) and he is soooooo cute (pointing to Gizmo)”, since that is what I was going for I was happy to hear it.   To watch Gremlins now it doesn’t seem scary, but my daughter caught some of this movie not too long ago on TV and yes still scary to a kid……

Now on to Goonies!!

I love, love, love Goonies!!  This is a movie that has everything……it is exciting, scary, a little bit sad at parts and still totally holds its own.  There was an outdoor screening of Goonies in our town last Summer and my daughter was glued to it.  At one point she was hiding behind her Dad because Sloth was creeping her out (before she found out how lovable he is).

Here is my band of pegs waiting to be turned into Goonies…….


These guys were so fun to make.  They all have their own personality so it was awesome bringing them to life.


Above we have Sloth, Chunk, Mouth, Stef, Data, Mikey, Brand and Andi.

I made Sloth’s ears from foam and hot glued them to his head.


Here we have Stef and Mouth.  As you can see glasses are not my strong point…..


Data and Mikey.  Had to make sure that Data had his backpack filled with gadgets to get them through all of the “Booby Traps”……..


And here we have Brand and Andi…….


I have plenty more 80’s movies to pay homage to so stay tuned……..

If you have any 80’s movie characters that you would like to see turned into pegs please comment below…….

Until next time 🙂