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Daisy Scout Financial Literacy Badge Activity

Tis the season of gift giving.  All of the girls have started to learn about the value of money at school so it was the perfect time to come up with an activity in Scouts to reinforce this valuable lesson.

Since it is the holiday season what better way to teach the girls about money then a Secret Santa Exchange.

I still remember back in the olden days (1980 something) having the opportunity to visit the Secret Santa store at school.  My parents would send me to school with a few dollars (I felt so empowered) and I had the opportunity to choose from what seemed like a whole department store full of goodies in the school auditorium.  I think my mom may still have the tin Santa cookie platter I bought for her when I was in the third grade……..

We wanted to recreate this experience for the girls while also giving them the opportunity to earn their Financial Literacy Badge.

The activity was set up into three stations:

  • Station one – Money Station
  • Station two – The Store (Daisy Scout Curiosity Shop)
  • Station three – Wrapping Station

The Money Station:


Each girl was given a “purse” bag full of play money which contained $7.40 in change and bills.  At this station an adult reviewed the value of the money with the girls to prepare them for the store.

The Store (Daisy Scout Curiosity Shop):


The girls shopped in pairs at the store for their gift exchange partner.  The items in the store ranged from mini fingernail polishes to bookmarks and pencils.  Each item had a value and limit listed on cards.  They were able to purchase several items at once or one item at a time.  It was fun watching the girls become comfortable with the money values as they shopped.  It was super fun watching them try to choose what the girl they were buying for would like (they really put a lot of thought into what they purchased).  If they got stuck we would pull out the money and help them count……but these ladies caught on quick!!

When they checked out they took all of their items in a “shopping bag” (blue paper lunch bags) to the wrapping station.

Wrapping Station:


At the wrapping station we had socks available for the girls to stuff their gifts into.  After their socks were full they chose a ribbon and a tag to wrap around the top.


After everyone was done shopping and wrapping the girls exchanged their gifts. It was so great to see how thoughtful the girls were.  Everyone was so happy to not only receive the gifts but also to give them.  We had a great time!!

A Two (and a half) -Year-Old Joker

My son is a Superhero fanatic.  However lately he has been a bit obsessed with The Joker.  I can’t blame him…..The Joker is colorful, has lots of cool toys and seems like a happy enough guy.  Of course the only real exposure my son has had to him is in the Lego cartoons or else I am sure he would find him quite scary.


I had been asking him for the past month who he wanted to dress as for Halloween and 8 times out of 10 he would say “I Joker”.  This worked out perfectly since my daughter had decided on Harley Quinn early in the year (she changed her mind 50 or so times but we came back to Harley in the end).

So the search for a white or purple suit began…….

Who knew finding a purple suit for a two-year-old would be so difficult?

After hitting up all of the local thrift shops and children’s resale shops I had to turn to the internet shops.  I found a $20 all white suit complete with tie and I jumped on it!

In the days leading up to the arrival of this awesome white suit I purchased green, orange and purple dye and was ready to go.  When the suit arrived I read the instructions for the dye and was disappointed to find out that it was recommended that it NOT be used for polyester and of course the suit was 100% polyester.  I dyed it anyway……

Well……the suit turned out pink and the undershirt was….well honestly I can’t even describe what color it turned out…….it was like a dirty light green.

Well back to the craft store……I found some awesome fabric spray paint (I had no idea this stuff existed).  I went to town spray painting the suit.  Unfortunately for me the fabric spray did not go very far…….six $5.99 cans later I had the most expensive costume I have ever made……

However the look on my son’s face when he saw his Joker costume was money well spent……..


and another picture of the happy Joker…….


A little green hair, green eyebrows and some red lips and we have our finished Joker (with Harley Quinn)……


The hard part was getting him to take the costume off…….and he wouldn’t answer to anything but Joker.

Joker sliming a couple of superheroes…….


We have a couple of opportunities left for the kids to wear their costumes before the end of the week and then we can start planning for next year……..

So far my daughter has Teen Titans on her mind…….she is thinking Raven for her and Beast Boy for her little brother.

I am sure she will change her mind several times but I like where her head is at!!


Telephone Table Gets a Lego Makeover

Ahhhhh the Telephone Table…….an outdated and useless piece of furniture from decades past….

A few months back my mom discovered an old telephone table that we used to have in our house when I was a kid.  I still remember the old rotary phone sitting there with the papers and pens ready to take messages when someone called…..the good old days……

Mom asked if I was interested in giving it a facelift.

I had seen a lot of great telephone table makeovers and I definitely wanted to give it a go.

Below is the table pre-makeover…….


This piece of furniture just screamed, “LEGO TABLE!”

After cleaning it up and sanding it down a bit I painted the flat surfaces black (I love to make roads on my Lego tables).  I let the paint sit overnight and then taped off my roads and spray painted the rest of the table blue.

Next it was time for the Lego base plates.  I laid them out and cut a few to make them fit properly.

Base plates are pretty easy to cut.  I took a long Lego piece and swiped a razor blade down the side of the Lego a few times.  Then I bent the plate till it broke……..


After my plates were cut, I spread Gorilla glue on the back of the plate (I was careful to keep from the edges as it expands) and pressed the plates in place on the table.  Once all of the plates were down I placed Legos along the seams……..


Once in a while I would pop the Legos off of the seams to make sure no glue was coming up through the seam and then put them back on the seam.  If there is glue coming up through the seams gently wiped it away with a rag (when I see glue in the seams I am extra vigilant with my seam holding Legos because I don’t want to accidentally glue them to the base plate).

Once the plates were dry I painted my road with acrylic paint.

The finished table……..


I like that the telephone table offers two separate building spaces.

This table is going to have a new home at my sister’s house.  I am going to put a big bow on it and give to my nephew’s for Christmas.  I am hoping it gets lots of playtime 🙂

Until next time…..Thanks for stopping by




Pear-Chardonnay Momcakes

Momcake Noun [momkeyk]

A small sweet, baked food, made with alcohol, and usually containing flour, sugar, baking powder or soda, and eggs normally served at a kick ass gathering of ladies who are ready to party.

Alright so this is not a real word…….yet.

I have learned that when baking yummy adult treats I have to call them something other than cupcakes or the kiddos go crazy (and these are only for the big people).

Time for some Pear-Chardonnay Momcakes…….


I ran across a recipe a few years back on a blog called “Shazam in the Kitchen” that this is based on.  I switched up the cake part to make it super simple but the icing recipe is exactly as I found it all those years ago.

So the cake is super easy……take one white cake mix, make the batter as instructed on the box then mix in 1/2 cup diced pears (I used the canned kind in lite syrup) and 1/2 cup chardonnay.  Fill cupcakes liners with batter and bake according to box instructions…..easy peasy.

Icing ingredients:

  • 1/2 cup pear juice (I used the lite syrup from the can of pears I diced for the cake)
  • 1/4 cup Chardonnay
  • 1 Tbsp dark brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 3 oz cream cheese
  • 4 cups powdered sugar

Mix pear juice, Chardonnay and dark brown sugar in a small sauce pan and bring to a simmer over medium heat.  Simmer uncovered until mixture is reduced to 1/4 cup and is thick and syrupy.  Set aside and cool.

Mix in separate bowl mix the cream cheese and butter together then carefully mix in the powdered sugar.  Pour in the cooled pear syrup mixture and mix well.

The hard part is trying to frost the cupcakes without eating all of the icing……seriously this icing is ridiculously good but even better when it makes it on the momcake.


Hopefully you find an opportunity to try these…..they are just that good!!



Checker Board Table and Peg People Battles

This summer I had planned on getting up early and hitting garage sales for some furniture to make over.  Every time I got motivated enough to hit some sales it was well after 2pm and we all know only the crap is left after that time.

So, one day I decided to take a trip to the thrift shop instead.  It had been YEARS since I had been to a thrift shop and I was floored at how much furniture they carry (who needs garage sales).  I picked up 2 small tables for CHEAP and was on my way.

My new $6.99 table………

Checker Board Table 0

The first table I picked up that day I made into a Lego table (shocker!).  This 2nd one I decided to make into a game table.

My Project List:

  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Spray Paint
  • Sandpaper
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Newspaper

I thought checkerboard…..easy peasy right?

Checker Board Table 5

No!  Not easy!  I taped and retaped and painted this thing about 4 times!!  The 4 times is not counting the 2 times that you have to retape it anyway to get the checkerboard pattern…….so it was more like 8 times.

If I actually measured things and didn’t just eyeball them, I am sure this would have been 10 times easier.  Measuring is definitely something that I could stand to work on…….but I am not that patient and this is just for fun anyway 🙂

Well this is the end result of the table……..

Checker board table 3

Not perfect, but it will do 🙂

Now to make some game pieces.  We decided to do peg people battles.

First up is my daughter’s favorite, Plants vs. Zombies………

Plants vs Zombies Checker Pegs

Next we have the Zombies vs. Gentlemen……………

Zombies vs Gentlemen Checker Pegs

And lastly we have Ninjas…………….

Ninjas Checker Pegs

I painted a few spools to use as “King Me Pedestals” also.

Here is the board all ready to go, plus an extra Zombie that wondered on the playing field. (Yes, I know this is not regulation checkers….too many rows in the middle and only room for 11 and not 12 pieces)……..

Checker board table 2

I painted the black with chalkboard paint in order to have a spot to keep score.

Now it was time to teach my 6-year-old how to play checkers…….

Checker board table 1

This MAY have been almost as challenging as painting the table.  She is not exactly a good sport.  There were tears every time I took one of her guys and shouts of “in your face” when she took mine.  With time that will change……I hope.

Until next time……..




Lego Mini-Figure Board

Legos are great, but they are messy and oh how they hurt when you step on one!!

I stumbled upon a fantastic Blog called cleanandsentsible on Pinterest a while back and she has a lot of fantastic Lego organization ideas.  One that I really fell in love with was the Lego Mini-Figure Board.

My nephew is a huge Lego fan and has lots of mini-figures so it was a no brainer that I definitely had to make this for him for his birthday.

I love this idea not only because it organizes the Lego guys but it also showcases them 🙂

My project list:

  • Poster-Sized Frame
  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Primer
  • 4×2 Lego Bricks
  • Paint Brush
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Sand Paper

To start, I took the plastic out of the frame and roughed it up with some sandpaper then covered it in a coat of primer.  Once the primer dried I put two coats of chalkboard paint on the plastic.

After all of the paint was dried, I put the plastic back into the frame and grabbed my Lego Bricks to organize them on the board.

I used my ruler and a pencil to get the spacing right.  Once I had everything where I wanted it I got out my trusty Gorilla Glue.  I glued the Lego bricks to the board (be careful not to use too much glue because it does expand).

Once the glue dried It was time to add a few guys to jazz it up…………….

Lego Mini Figure Board Organization

We wrote the names of the new mini-figures on the chalkboard background.

My nephew was very happy with is new mini-figure board……


I would love to make a few more of these in the future for my kiddos, but right now my son needs them down low where he can reach them easily or I am going to be constantly taking them on and off the board for him 🙂

Until next time………..


Captain America Table

So recently my 2-year-old has had a major obsession with Captain America, aka “Cap Merica”.  I just so happened to have a small table that I saved from being thrown out from our last family garage sale and figured that I could give it a little “Cap Merica” makeover.

The table in question…….


My project list:

  • Captain America Comics
  • Copy Paper
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Spray Paint
  • Mod Podge
  • Circle Maker (not sure what the official term is)
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Newspaper
  • Paint Brushes
  • Scissors

I started by spray painting the entire table blue.  I should have sanded it down but didn’t……I did this one on a whim 🙂

My blue table…….


I then took my scissors and cut up a perfectly good Captain America comic…….made a pile of good pictures and then the meh pictures.

Then it was time for my favorite part…..mod podge!!

I put a layer of mod podge on a section of the table and put down my first layer of comics (the meh ones)………


Then it was time for the good pictures.  After putting another layer of mod podge on the table I started laying my good pictures on top……


Then it was time to cover the table in mod podge……


Next I wanted to make Captain America’s shield for the center of the table.

I pulled out my circle cutter (not sure what the official term is) and cut out a circle from a piece of copy paper……..


Once I had my circle cut out, I painted it with acrylic paints to look like Captain America’s shield……..


I mod podged the shield to the center of the table.  At this point my son was going crazy trying to touch the table and yelling, “Cap Merica! Cap Merica!”  Needless to say the table had to spend the night in the garage drying to keep him from touching.

The next morning I taped up the top of the table and the legs and spray painted the edges of the table red……….


Now reveal time!!

My son’s new “Cap Merica” table……..

Captain America Table

Not bad for a table that was heading to the garbage.  He is thrilled and now he has another place to play with his superheroes.

Here is my son checking out his new table……….

Thank you for stopping by.

More table makeovers to come……..