Minecraft Valentines

My daughter’s first grade “class list” for valentines arrived in her back pack the other day reminding me that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.

When I was in school we always made valentines boxes which was so much fun.  But my daughter’s school doesn’t do the boxes which is a bummer so we (mainly I) have made our own valentines for her class instead.  We try to make valentines that reflect whatever she is passionate about at the time…..Preschool we did superhero valentines and kindergarten was all about zombies.  This year it was a no brainer……Minecraft!!

My daughter is always drawing Minecraft characters on the back of her school papers and this week it even made it into her class journal….



We decided to make perler bead Creepers.  She made exactly one Creeper until she had to quit because her “wrist was hurting” so that left me to make the remaining 24 Creepers.


But the awesome thing about this project is that I discovered a way to melt the beads without melting my bead board…..painter’s tape!!

I took painter’s tape and pressed it down over my Creeper….


When I lifted the tape the Creeper came with it…..


I then covered with my ironing paper and ironed the creeper.  Super easy and no melted bead board!!

After all of the Creepers were created I cut up some thin poster board and created valentines……


The boys are getting green Creepers and the girls are getting the pink Creepers.  All that is left to do is have my daughter write her name on the bottom of each of these, which I am sure she will be happy to do on the first 5 and then it will become a challenge.

During the whole process my 3-year-old son kept asking where Steve was.  Needless to say he ended up with his very own Steve…..


Thanks for stopping by………



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