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Ode 80’s Cinema Presents…….Two Slightly Tardy Christmas Movies

The weeks leading up to Christmas were super busy as always so this post is a bit tardy but I am willing to bet someone still has their Christmas tree up.

It has been a while since I have paid tribute to 80’s cinema so it is time to do just that……..

It doesn’t seem like Christmas until someone flips the TV to TBS for the all day “A Christmas Story” marathon.  This year I was lucky enough to catch the movie from “the major award” scene to the end and then started over from the beginning.

Below are Mr. and Mrs. Parker (Mr. Parker with his blue ball), Ralphie and Randy:


I have to admit, I do get a little emotional every time Raphie opens up that dang Red Rider BB Gun.

Another Christmas movie that is one of my all time favorites is “Christmas Vacation”

Below is Cousin Eddie, Clark, Audrey, Rusty and Ellen:


These were really fun to make.  When making most of my “accessories” I use a thin foam but that was not going to work with Clark’s Santa hat because I needed something more cloth-like.  I had a paper towel sitting on the table to dry my brushes with and got a crazy idea.  I colored the paper towel with red marker and taped it together in the shape of a Santa hat then hot glued some cotton ball in all of the fuzzy spots.  Not too shabby for a paper towel and a cotton ball.

I painted quite a bit of peg friends over the past month so there are a lot more to share……..



Daisy Scout Financial Literacy Badge Activity

Tis the season of gift giving.  All of the girls have started to learn about the value of money at school so it was the perfect time to come up with an activity in Scouts to reinforce this valuable lesson.

Since it is the holiday season what better way to teach the girls about money then a Secret Santa Exchange.

I still remember back in the olden days (1980 something) having the opportunity to visit the Secret Santa store at school.  My parents would send me to school with a few dollars (I felt so empowered) and I had the opportunity to choose from what seemed like a whole department store full of goodies in the school auditorium.  I think my mom may still have the tin Santa cookie platter I bought for her when I was in the third grade……..

We wanted to recreate this experience for the girls while also giving them the opportunity to earn their Financial Literacy Badge.

The activity was set up into three stations:

  • Station one – Money Station
  • Station two – The Store (Daisy Scout Curiosity Shop)
  • Station three – Wrapping Station

The Money Station:


Each girl was given a “purse” bag full of play money which contained $7.40 in change and bills.  At this station an adult reviewed the value of the money with the girls to prepare them for the store.

The Store (Daisy Scout Curiosity Shop):


The girls shopped in pairs at the store for their gift exchange partner.  The items in the store ranged from mini fingernail polishes to bookmarks and pencils.  Each item had a value and limit listed on cards.  They were able to purchase several items at once or one item at a time.  It was fun watching the girls become comfortable with the money values as they shopped.  It was super fun watching them try to choose what the girl they were buying for would like (they really put a lot of thought into what they purchased).  If they got stuck we would pull out the money and help them count……but these ladies caught on quick!!

When they checked out they took all of their items in a “shopping bag” (blue paper lunch bags) to the wrapping station.

Wrapping Station:


At the wrapping station we had socks available for the girls to stuff their gifts into.  After their socks were full they chose a ribbon and a tag to wrap around the top.


After everyone was done shopping and wrapping the girls exchanged their gifts. It was so great to see how thoughtful the girls were.  Everyone was so happy to not only receive the gifts but also to give them.  We had a great time!!