Chalkboard Night Stand

My mom  picked up an awesome side table for me at the Thrift Shop for $10 a few weeks back.  I figured the long Labor Day weekend was the perfect time to conduct a makeover.

Well here is the not yet so fabulous $10 table………..


I LOVE the sea foam green color that I used for my daughter’s chalkboard dresser and the black chalkboard paint really has great contrast against its brightness. I just so happened to have 2 cans of spray paint that were similar to that color so this was the perfect opportunity to use them and I always have chalkboard paint on hand (I love chalkboard paint like I love Lego base plates)

My project list:

  • Table in need of love
  • Spray Paint
  • Sassy New Knobs
  • Chalkboard paint
  • De-glosser
  • Sponge
  • Painters tape
  • Newspaper
  • Paint Brush

First I wiped down the table and used de-glosser to take off some of the finish.  Took out the drawer and tossed the knobs. Then it was time for painting.  I taped off the top of the table with painters tape and newspaper and taped off the drawer (so I was only painting the face of it).  I spray painted both the drawer and table…..took about one can of paint and about 3 coats.  I took off the tape and let the table sit for 2 nights.

After letting the table sit I taped off the part I painted prior and then spread my chalkboard paint on the top section it took about 2 coats.

After letting it sit again for a few hours I added my sassy new knobs……..


I love these knobs!!  They remind me of old school soda fountain stools…..I know random, but they do!!


So then the issue was what in the world am I going to do with another table.  Well just so happens that we needed a new nightstand so it worked out.

And bonus!!  Now I can write reminders for myself or the husband……or just a morning message.


Thanks for visiting!!

More makeovers to come………




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