Ode to 80’s Cinema Presents……..Horror Movies Part One

Time for me to pay homage to some of the BEST horror movies of the 80’s and possibly EVER………

I am going to start with one of my favorites……Nightmare on Elm Street!!

Nightmare on Elm Street Peg People

I find Freddy Krueger one of the most terrifying horror movie characters of all time.  I really do enjoy these movies, especially the first one with my teenage crush Mr. Johnny Depp.

I distinctly remember going to a haunted house with my husband and some friends a few years back in this old closed down school that they tried to play off as an abandoned asylum.  The tour took us into the “boiler room” I knew instantly that Freddy was in there somewhere.  Next thing you know some guy with finger knives was scraping them against the metal……..I ran.  Actually, I pushed by everyone (possibly pushing someone down) and I RAN!!  I RAN all of the way out to my car!!

Next up is my husband’s favorite horror movie franchise……..Halloween!!

While his favorite is the 1st one from 1978, there were 3 more in the 80’s that were not too terrible so in my opinion it qualifies as 80’s.

Below we have Michael Myers in full mechanic’s garb……….

Halloween Peg People

Our next horror favorites are the Friday the 13th movies………

Friday the 13th Peg People

On a random note we recently visited Vorhees Park in Reading, Ohio………


My final movie in this post is The Shining.

Heeeeeeere’s Johnny……….

The Shining Peg People

As far as Steven King movies go this is one that stayed with me.  I still to this day will check behind the shower curtain when walking into a bathroom (who wants to be attacked by a corpse……am I right?)

I also can’t forget those creepy twins……

Hello, Danny.  Come and play with us.  Come and play with us, Danny.  Forever….and ever….and ever.

Well this is it for part one of Ode to 80’s Cinema Horror.  If you have an 80’s horror movie that you would like me to try to peg people up leave a comment below.  I have a few more horror movies I want to try, but I would love some suggestions.

Until next time……..


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