Lego Side Table

I have a bit of a Lego obsession, I know 🙂

I picked up 2 tables at the thrift shop the other day (spent less than $20 on them, which was fantastic).  I knew I wanted to makeover at least one of them a Lego table.

I chose this table/nightstand for my project:


My project list:

  • Large Lego Base Plate
  • Sandpaper
  • Spray Paint
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Gorilla Glue
  • 2×4 Lego Pieces
  • Scraper
  • Screwdriver
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Knife

I started by scraping off the stickers with the scraper, taking off the knobs with a screwdriver and running sandpaper over the outside of the table to rough it up to be spray painted.


Next I sprayed the knobs silver.  One of them fell over after I painted it so I had to touch it up after this picture…………


Then I taped up the drawers and table top and sprayed the exposed area Red.  I let it sit overnight.  The next day I taped up the red part of the table and sprayed the top black and then it was time to wait again……

The next day…….here are the results after spray painting and putting the knobs back on…….


Now I was ready for the fun part!  Legos!!!!

My son LOVES Lego mini-figures and he has tons of them.  We are always trying to track down all of their parts because he likes to switch their clothes, heads and accessories constantly.  I figured having a spot for him to keep his mini-figures would help us locate them easier.

I turned my table on it’s side carefully (paint is dry to touch, but still delicate).  Then I Gorilla glued my 2×4 Legos to the side of the table in the order I wanted them.

Here is the table on it’s side while drying……..


After the bricks were dried (about 2-3 hours), I turned my table right side up and started planning how I wanted the base plate positioned.  I wanted enough room to put a road on the top of the table for my son to drive his Lego cars around.  The base plate I had needed to be cut to accomplish this.

I took Legos and placed them where I wanted to make my cut.  Then I ran my knife down the side of the Lego a couple of times………


After running the knife over the spot a couple of times I bent the base plate down…..


And then I pulled it apart………


It comes apart very easily.  If it is not coming apart easy then the knife needs to be run across a few more times.

Next, I needed to take the part I just cut off my base plate and add to the other side to position the way I wanted on the table top.

I used spare Legos to attach the base plate to the piece I just cut off………


Then I turned over the base plate and added the Gorilla glue.

I was careful to not get glue near the edge of the base plate or seam since it expands……..


I positioned the base plate the way I needed it on the table top (keeping the Legos holding the seam in tact).  After 30 min or so, I did lift the Legos off of the seam to verify that no glue was coming up through.  Once I saw that the glue stayed put under the base plate I put my Legos back on the seam until completely dry.

Next it was time to paint my road……..


Here is a picture of the completed table……

Lego Side Table with mini figure storage

My son even has two drawers to store his Legos…….

Lego side table with lego storage

He is anxious to play with the table, but I plan on letting it sit for a few days yet before I let him have at it.  The spray paint takes a few days to really set in.

Stay tuned for more Lego tables to come…….


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