Backpack Character Bling

It’s that time again!!  School’s back in session!!

We went a little backpack crazy last year for our daughter’s Kindergarten year and bought her a couple of backpacks (she couldn’t decide and we were SUPER excited for school).  Since we have an almost new backpack that she only used part of last year we couldn’t see buying her a new one for first grade.

To reignite her excitement in her backpack from last year I made her some “Character Bling” with melty beads.

My daughter is into video games, zombies and about anything on cartoon network so I had a lot of characters to choose from that would spark her interest.

I pulled out my trusty bead board and melty beads and got to work.

Below is Finn from one of her favorite shows, Adventure Time……..


After melting my beads and cooling them (See 8-bit bow posting for details) I drilled a hole into each of my characters.

Now it was time to figure out how to get them to stay on her back pack.

Last year I made her a character for her backpack and it was a nightmare because I used one of these gadgets to hook it on………


It broke or came off every other day and was SUPER frustrating to get on in the first place 😦

I recently found these clever little clips at the craft store and they are pretty perfect because she can take them on and off herself…….


I attached some cord to one end of the clip and then put the cord through my character in the hole that I drilled………


and attached to the opposite end of the buckle.

Below we have Finn, Baby Mario, Creeper, Nyan Cat, Zombie and Boo…….

perler bead backpack bling minecraft

She was all smiles when she saw all of her new backpack bling 🙂

At first she wanted to clip on Nyan Cat (a rainbow pooping pop tart cat that she discovered… random but she LOVES it).

After some more thought she finally decided to go with the Creeper and Finn for her first day of school……..


As an afterthought, this backpack didn’t have the name and phone number tag like her other backpack so we made our own with the melty beads………


Hope you enjoyed this project.

Come back soon for some new and fun stuff!!


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