Comic Book Dresser

I had mentioned in a previous post that my Aunt and Uncle had given me two dressers.  The first one was for my daughter and it was made over with chalkboard paint.  The second smaller one I made over for my son.

He loves Batman and his bedroom has a Batman theme so this was the only thing that made sense for this dresser.

Here is the before picture of the dresser minus one handle that I prematurely took off…….


I still had a pile of Batman Comics from another project so I didn’t even have to pay the Comic Store guy a visit for this project.

My Project List:

  • Comics
  • Scissors
  • Mod Podge
  • Primer
  • Paint
  • Paint brush

First thing I did was take off the handles and paint them black.  I took out the drawers and put a coat of Primer on the dresser.  When the primer dried I put two coats of dark blue paint on the dresser.

Then it was time to tackle the drawers.  I cut the better pictures out of the comics and put them in a pile.

Since this was for my 2-year-old it was important to pick the less violent scene’s from the comics.  My favorite picture was Robin stubbing his toe.  Made me laugh so it got a prominent spot on the dresser.

Robin stubbing his toe……..


I worked on one drawer at a time (mod podge dries pretty quick).  I put a coat of mod podge on the drawer.  Then added the less interesting pages to the first coat (I went right over the handle holes because you can poke the handles right through the paper later).  I then added another layer of mod podge over the first comic layer and added the pictures I liked from the comic, then added another layer of mod podge.  I use my fingers to smooth out the pages.  Mod podge is messy stuff but so much fun!

Once the mod podge was completely dry I pushed my handles through the comic book paper and secured them.

I let the dresser sit for a few days before using it to allow the paint to set.

Here is the finished project……..

Comic Book Dresser

My son was thrilled with his new dresser and even helped me transfer all of his clothes to it, which turned into a total mess since he just tried to shove everything in the bottom two drawers.

But at least he tried to help……….






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