Ode to 80’s Cinema Presents…..2 Chick Flicks and The Breakfast Club

I have three classic 80’s movies treats for everyone today!!

Starting with one of the ULTIMATE Chick Flicks from the 80’s!!  Dirty Dancing!!

Here we have Baby and Johnny…….


I had a MAJOR Swayze crush during the Dirty Dancing days…….  I must have watched Dirty Dancing 200 times as a tween and then another 200 times as an adult……and that last dance scene I have probably watched 1,000 times (come on ladies we know we had that DVD or VHS tape set to rewind that part over and over).  I am not ashamed to say that I still have this soundtrack in my normal jamming rotation on ITunes 🙂

Now the other chick flick being featured today……..Say Anything!!

Here we have the lovable Lloyd Dobler and Diane Court…….


I did not watch this movie quite as many times as I watched Dirty Dancing but it got it’s fair share of viewings.  I still get chills when I hear Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes”.

Now for the not so much a chick flick, but I guess it does have sappy parts………..Breakfast Club!!

You know, the movie about the brain, athlete, basket case, princess and criminal.

Below we have Mr. Vernon, Bender, Allison, Claire, Andrew and Brian


Great Brat Pack Movie!!  I remember watching this one several times, it has been a LONG time though so I may have to revisit this one soon.

I was part of the Breakfast Club once in Highschool…..It was no where near as cool as the movie 😦

This movie also has another FANTASTIC song in my jamming rotation……Simple Minds, “Don’t You Forget About Me”.

Ahhhhhh so many 80’s movies to come……..



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