8-Bit Bow – Melty Bead Style

My daughter LOVES video games and Minecraft as well as Mario top the list so anything 8-bit is pretty popular in this house.

When I discovered Perler Beads aka Melty Beads I was in heaven.

They come in absolutely beautiful colors and they are SUPER easy to work with.

The colors are amazing……..


One of the first things I ever made with these lovely little beads were 8-bit bows.

My Project List:

  • Perler Beads
  • Bead Board
  • Glue Gun
  • Iron
  • Iron Paper
  • Headband
  • Your favorite music to jam to

First I outlined my bow on the bead board…….


Then I colored it in.  It is fun to mix it up by using several colors also.

I used the striped beads for this bow…….


Once I had the bow all put together it was time to bust out the iron.

I placed my ironing paper over the bow and ironed it until the beads melted together.  I knew it was time to stop ironing when the beads were all filled in by the melted plastic.

Next it was time to pull off the ironing paper and take it off of the bead board.  I have burned myself several times doing this so if you attempt this be careful because the plastic is of course VERY hot from the iron.


Once the bow was off of the bead board I turned it over and put it between the ironing paper and ironed the other side to seal it.


I normally don’t melt the back completely.  I just melt it enough to seal it a bit.  Once I have the back done I let it cool for about 30 seconds and then wrap it around my headband.  This has to be done when it is still warm enough to bend.


I prop the bow against the headband for a minute or so (again this is hot plastic I am working with so I have to be careful not to burn myself).  Once it hardens enough to still be slightly pliable but not ridiculously hot I hot-glued  that bad boy to the headband and the project was complete!!

After it cooled completely (takes about 10-15 min to cool) I had my sweet daughter model it (she was so happy to model, can you tell?)……..


We made a bunch of these bows for all of her friends and they were a hit……….


These beads are great!!  There are so many fun things that can be made with them.

I have plenty more Perler bead projects to share so stay tuned……..


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