Ode to 80’s Cinema Presents Gremlins and Goonies

I think about every 80’s kid remembers both of these fine movies.  They were both scary and thrilling to a kid.

Let’s start with Gremlins.

For many kids this was our first “Horror” movie.  I remember Gremlins giving me nightmares for weeks!!

My blank slate……


Gremlins is so dark that it was near impossible to see the character’s clothes to recreate them from pictures, so I had to bust out the movie.  I forgot how good this movie was……I caught myself watching it and had to get back to work.

The finished project…….


Above we have Stripe, Kate, Billie and Gizmo.

I made Stripe and Gizmo’s ears out of foam.  My daughter peeked in on this project and said, “he is scary (pointing to Stripe) and he is soooooo cute (pointing to Gizmo)”, since that is what I was going for I was happy to hear it.   To watch Gremlins now it doesn’t seem scary, but my daughter caught some of this movie not too long ago on TV and yes still scary to a kid……

Now on to Goonies!!

I love, love, love Goonies!!  This is a movie that has everything……it is exciting, scary, a little bit sad at parts and still totally holds its own.  There was an outdoor screening of Goonies in our town last Summer and my daughter was glued to it.  At one point she was hiding behind her Dad because Sloth was creeping her out (before she found out how lovable he is).

Here is my band of pegs waiting to be turned into Goonies…….


These guys were so fun to make.  They all have their own personality so it was awesome bringing them to life.


Above we have Sloth, Chunk, Mouth, Stef, Data, Mikey, Brand and Andi.

I made Sloth’s ears from foam and hot glued them to his head.


Here we have Stef and Mouth.  As you can see glasses are not my strong point…..


Data and Mikey.  Had to make sure that Data had his backpack filled with gadgets to get them through all of the “Booby Traps”……..


And here we have Brand and Andi…….


I have plenty more 80’s movies to pay homage to so stay tuned……..

If you have any 80’s movie characters that you would like to see turned into pegs please comment below…….

Until next time 🙂


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