Keep Them Busy Till Dinner Sticks

I am starting a new category called, “I Saw it on Pinterest”.

A lot of times I have an idea first and then I consult Pinterest to see who has already tried it.

Then there are the times that I see something AMAZING that I would have never thought of doing myself.  This category is for the stuff I would have never come up with on my own and giving it a go.  I am sure there will be successes and fails……only time will tell.

My first post idea I found on Pinterest comes from a blog called “Tot Treasures North Bay” which has lots of fun stuff for the kiddos!!

I am always looking for things to keep the kids busy when we go out to eat.  I have been known to hide happy meal toys or packets of Pez in my purse only to pull them out in a desperate attempt to keep my kids civilized in public.

When I saw this project I had to try it for two reasons:  #1 – it would fit in my purse and #2 – it looked SUPER easy to complete.

My Project List:

  • Velcro
  • Colored Craft Sticks
  • Plastic Bag
  • Acrylic Paints


I stuck the Velcro to the end of each stick on both sides so they could be stuck together by the kids.


Of course I also needed a trusty plastic bag to put them in so I could put them in my purse in case of emergency…….


Alright, now I had to test them.  I told my Husband that we needed to go out to dinner tonight so I could test my project.  He of course rolled his eyes and then we promptly got the kids ready to go to a sit down restaurant.

As soon as we sat at our table my 2 year-old son grabbed a handful of sugar packets and launched them at me yelling, “Hulk SMASH”!!  This moment proving why I need SOMETHING to keep him busy.

After ordering, I pulled out my project and gave it to the kids.

My son was instantly curious……


My daughter got to work making her name…….


My son’s picture frame…….


I noticed that they were not only building with them, but using them as characters…..LIGHT BULB for later!!.


Success!!  They both played with them the entire time we waited for our dinner.  The waitress even commented on how fun they were.

This project wasn’t finished though……….

As soon as we got home I busted out the paints.

I am no artist, but my kids recognize who I was painting, so another success in my book 🙂


I was very happy with how this project turned out.

I now have another trick up my sleeve for keeping the kids busy during the dreaded restaurant wait.

More “I Saw It on Pinterest” to come……..


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