The Bunk Bed Project

My daughter had been asking for a bunk bed for a while.  My sister and I had bunk beds when we were little but I wasn’t sure if she was ready for that kind of responsibility yet.  She would actually have to follow rules, which is not her strong point.

Well, just so happens my mom was trying to find a home for some bunk beds that she was getting rid of.  I took them off of her hands.  They sat in my garage for quite a while before I finally decided how I wanted to make them over.

The “before” headboards (well two of the four)……..


I fell in love with something called “Yarn Bombing” if you have no idea what I am talking about I insist you Google it because it is AMAZING!!

My biggest problem with Yarn Bombing is that I cannot knit, but that has never stopped me before.   I decided to do my own style of Yarn Bombing to these headboards.

My Project List:

  • Yarn (brightest I could find)
  • Black Spray Paint (I love Valspar with Primer)
  • Paint Deglosser
  • Gloves
  • Sponge
  • Mask
  • Bunkie Board or Board that will fit the top bunk
  • Piece of Carpeting
  • Time…..lots of time…….

First things first, I put on my gloves and sponged the deglosser on the wood to rough up the paint.  After two coats of that, I spray painted all of the wood black.  I let it sit for over a week so it would set REALLY good.

Fast forward 1 week or so later…….I started wrapping the yarn around the spindles……


My little unhelper helped knot up some of the yarn every now and then but he had fun doing it.

The next picture is after an hour of mindlessly wrapping yarn and watching Nick Jr. with my son…….


Then later that day……..


I was so happy with the turn out, the colors are beautiful!!  I completed 4 of these and it was totally worth the HOURS of wrapping yarn around the spindles.  When wrapping I made sure it was tight and knotted/secured.

Now I was getting nervous because I REALLY didn’t want my daughter sleeping in the top bunk of this bed.  Then my son gave me a fantastic idea.  He DESTROYS her dollhouse every time he goes into her room and it turns into tears and pouting most nights.  I thought hey let’s put her dollhouse on the top bunk and away from the destructor!

And that is what we did………


The top bunk is carpeted and since there is no mattress it keeps her safely tucked behind the guard rail when she is up there playing.  Bonus is that her brother leaves her alone and does not destroy her things.

We even installed a little stick up light so she can read her comics at night…….


For the most part the kids have respected the rules set forth with this bunk bed.  My son is not allowed to climb the ladder and we try to keep the door shut when no one is in her room.  He pretty much lost interest after the first week but we are still playing it safe.

This was the most time-consuming project I have completed to date but it really came together and turned out better than I imagined……now go Google “Yarn Bombing” if you haven’t yet!!

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