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Chalkboard Night Stand

My mom  picked up an awesome side table for me at the Thrift Shop for $10 a few weeks back.  I figured the long Labor Day weekend was the perfect time to conduct a makeover.

Well here is the not yet so fabulous $10 table………..


I LOVE the sea foam green color that I used for my daughter’s chalkboard dresser and the black chalkboard paint really has great contrast against its brightness. I just so happened to have 2 cans of spray paint that were similar to that color so this was the perfect opportunity to use them and I always have chalkboard paint on hand (I love chalkboard paint like I love Lego base plates)

My project list:

  • Table in need of love
  • Spray Paint
  • Sassy New Knobs
  • Chalkboard paint
  • De-glosser
  • Sponge
  • Painters tape
  • Newspaper
  • Paint Brush

First I wiped down the table and used de-glosser to take off some of the finish.  Took out the drawer and tossed the knobs. Then it was time for painting.  I taped off the top of the table with painters tape and newspaper and taped off the drawer (so I was only painting the face of it).  I spray painted both the drawer and table…..took about one can of paint and about 3 coats.  I took off the tape and let the table sit for 2 nights.

After letting the table sit I taped off the part I painted prior and then spread my chalkboard paint on the top section it took about 2 coats.

After letting it sit again for a few hours I added my sassy new knobs……..


I love these knobs!!  They remind me of old school soda fountain stools…..I know random, but they do!!


So then the issue was what in the world am I going to do with another table.  Well just so happens that we needed a new nightstand so it worked out.

And bonus!!  Now I can write reminders for myself or the husband……or just a morning message.


Thanks for visiting!!

More makeovers to come………




SHYS Presents…….Random Peg Person First Edition

Every now and then I have a friend who comes up with a random celebrity or character that they (jokingly) say would make a great peg person.

I of course take it as a challenge and usually make it…..Hence I have a bunch of random peg people who I will be sharing every now and then…….

See if you can guess who my first random peg person is……


Here are some clues…….

#1 – 1990’s

#2 – Underwear Model

#3 – Good Vibrations

tick tock….tick tock…..tick tock…..tick tock……..

Time’s up!!

If you guessed Marky Mark…..aka Mark Wahlberg you are correct!!

If you have a random character that you would like to see made into a peg person comment below…..I might take on the challenge 🙂


Happy Bob’s Burgers Day!!

Sharing my Bob’s Burgers Pegs in honor of today’s comic book release……..


We LOVE Bob’s Burgers in this house!!!

I am sure we will be making a stop at the comic book store eventually to check it out…….

That is all 🙂

Checker Board Table and Peg People Battles

This summer I had planned on getting up early and hitting garage sales for some furniture to make over.  Every time I got motivated enough to hit some sales it was well after 2pm and we all know only the crap is left after that time.

So, one day I decided to take a trip to the thrift shop instead.  It had been YEARS since I had been to a thrift shop and I was floored at how much furniture they carry (who needs garage sales).  I picked up 2 small tables for CHEAP and was on my way.

My new $6.99 table………

Checker Board Table 0

The first table I picked up that day I made into a Lego table (shocker!).  This 2nd one I decided to make into a game table.

My Project List:

  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Spray Paint
  • Sandpaper
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Newspaper

I thought checkerboard…..easy peasy right?

Checker Board Table 5

No!  Not easy!  I taped and retaped and painted this thing about 4 times!!  The 4 times is not counting the 2 times that you have to retape it anyway to get the checkerboard pattern…….so it was more like 8 times.

If I actually measured things and didn’t just eyeball them, I am sure this would have been 10 times easier.  Measuring is definitely something that I could stand to work on…….but I am not that patient and this is just for fun anyway 🙂

Well this is the end result of the table……..

Checker board table 3

Not perfect, but it will do 🙂

Now to make some game pieces.  We decided to do peg people battles.

First up is my daughter’s favorite, Plants vs. Zombies………

Plants vs Zombies Checker Pegs

Next we have the Zombies vs. Gentlemen……………

Zombies vs Gentlemen Checker Pegs

And lastly we have Ninjas…………….

Ninjas Checker Pegs

I painted a few spools to use as “King Me Pedestals” also.

Here is the board all ready to go, plus an extra Zombie that wondered on the playing field. (Yes, I know this is not regulation checkers….too many rows in the middle and only room for 11 and not 12 pieces)……..

Checker board table 2

I painted the black with chalkboard paint in order to have a spot to keep score.

Now it was time to teach my 6-year-old how to play checkers…….

Checker board table 1

This MAY have been almost as challenging as painting the table.  She is not exactly a good sport.  There were tears every time I took one of her guys and shouts of “in your face” when she took mine.  With time that will change……I hope.

Until next time……..




Ode to 80’s Cinema Presents……..Horror Movies Part One

Time for me to pay homage to some of the BEST horror movies of the 80’s and possibly EVER………

I am going to start with one of my favorites……Nightmare on Elm Street!!

Nightmare on Elm Street Peg People

I find Freddy Krueger one of the most terrifying horror movie characters of all time.  I really do enjoy these movies, especially the first one with my teenage crush Mr. Johnny Depp.

I distinctly remember going to a haunted house with my husband and some friends a few years back in this old closed down school that they tried to play off as an abandoned asylum.  The tour took us into the “boiler room” I knew instantly that Freddy was in there somewhere.  Next thing you know some guy with finger knives was scraping them against the metal……..I ran.  Actually, I pushed by everyone (possibly pushing someone down) and I RAN!!  I RAN all of the way out to my car!!

Next up is my husband’s favorite horror movie franchise……..Halloween!!

While his favorite is the 1st one from 1978, there were 3 more in the 80’s that were not too terrible so in my opinion it qualifies as 80’s.

Below we have Michael Myers in full mechanic’s garb……….

Halloween Peg People

Our next horror favorites are the Friday the 13th movies………

Friday the 13th Peg People

On a random note we recently visited Vorhees Park in Reading, Ohio………


My final movie in this post is The Shining.

Heeeeeeere’s Johnny……….

The Shining Peg People

As far as Steven King movies go this is one that stayed with me.  I still to this day will check behind the shower curtain when walking into a bathroom (who wants to be attacked by a corpse……am I right?)

I also can’t forget those creepy twins……

Hello, Danny.  Come and play with us.  Come and play with us, Danny.  Forever….and ever….and ever.

Well this is it for part one of Ode to 80’s Cinema Horror.  If you have an 80’s horror movie that you would like me to try to peg people up leave a comment below.  I have a few more horror movies I want to try, but I would love some suggestions.

Until next time……..


Lego Mini-Figure Board

Legos are great, but they are messy and oh how they hurt when you step on one!!

I stumbled upon a fantastic Blog called cleanandsentsible on Pinterest a while back and she has a lot of fantastic Lego organization ideas.  One that I really fell in love with was the Lego Mini-Figure Board.

My nephew is a huge Lego fan and has lots of mini-figures so it was a no brainer that I definitely had to make this for him for his birthday.

I love this idea not only because it organizes the Lego guys but it also showcases them 🙂

My project list:

  • Poster-Sized Frame
  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Primer
  • 4×2 Lego Bricks
  • Paint Brush
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Sand Paper

To start, I took the plastic out of the frame and roughed it up with some sandpaper then covered it in a coat of primer.  Once the primer dried I put two coats of chalkboard paint on the plastic.

After all of the paint was dried, I put the plastic back into the frame and grabbed my Lego Bricks to organize them on the board.

I used my ruler and a pencil to get the spacing right.  Once I had everything where I wanted it I got out my trusty Gorilla Glue.  I glued the Lego bricks to the board (be careful not to use too much glue because it does expand).

Once the glue dried It was time to add a few guys to jazz it up…………….

Lego Mini Figure Board Organization

We wrote the names of the new mini-figures on the chalkboard background.

My nephew was very happy with is new mini-figure board……


I would love to make a few more of these in the future for my kiddos, but right now my son needs them down low where he can reach them easily or I am going to be constantly taking them on and off the board for him 🙂

Until next time………..


Oat Cakes – Healthy Breakfast on the GO!!

Oat Cakes Healthy Clean Eating Breakfast

I have always struggled eating a good breakfast.  I would rather sleep in those extra few minutes than wake up and make something for breakfast.

A few months ago I stumbled upon a recipe from Eating Well magazine for Oat Cakes that interested me.  I changed it up a bit to make it just a tad healthier and efficient.  These Oat Cakes have gotten me through many mornings thus far.  I normally make a batch of these on Sunday and take 2 to work every morning for breakfast, they really do the trick.


  • 2 1/2 cups old-fashioned rolled oats
  • 1 1/2 cups coconut milk (skim milk can be substituted)
  • 1/3 cup agave syrup (maple syrup can be substituted)
  • 2 tbsp. canola oil
  • 1 tsp vanilla or vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1 egg
  • 3/4 cup blueberries
  • 1/4 cup pecans


Preheat oven to 375 degrees

Mix the oats and the milk in a large mixing bowl (let sit for about 5 min or so to allow the oats to soak up some of the milk).

In a small bowl, mix the egg, agave, vanilla, oil, cinnamon, baking powder and salt and then pour into the oat/milk mixture.

Mix until ingredients are combined.

Evenly divide the mixture into 12 cupcake wrappers…….


Top the mixture with the blueberries and pecans (slightly pressing them down)……..


Bake for 25 minutes…….


I allow them to cool for about 20 minutes and then pop them into a gallon plastic bag.


I keep them in the fridge all week and pull out 2 every morning to take to work.  If I end up having some left around day 5 I will put them in the freezer.  I have kept them in the freezer as long as 2 weeks and they have been perfect.

I recommend microwaving them for 30 seconds before eating or 50 seconds if frozen before eating.  They are SUPER yummy!!

Since I make these every week I do switch it up a bit here and there.

Below are some of the different combinations I have used instead of blueberries and pecans:

  • Blueberries and almonds
  • Strawberries and walnuts
  • Raspberries and almonds
  • Strawberries and orange zest (I also substituted 1/4 cup of the milk with orange juice)
  • Apples and raisins

There are so many yummy combinations that can be used.

I am sure the kiddos can be tricked into eating a healthy breakfast under the guise of these being presented as cupcakes or muffins??  Maybe??

Who knows because I normally eat them all myself 🙂