Art Gallery Wall – Rewind

When my daughter hit pre-school her artwork became tough to keep up with.  I hung her first couple of drawings on the fridge and she was so excited…….then I ran out of room.  I stopped hanging them up and she was disappointed.  I took the lazy way out and just started sticking them all to a random wall in the house.  I live with two small children and there is no such thing as having nice things, so what’s the harm in having a few hundred pieces of tape on the wall?

This is what we ended up with (this is after I weeded out a few so it was MUCH worse)……


After some thought, I made an official Gallery Wall for her artwork where I could switch out pictures just as easy as taping them to the wall………


She was so happy to see her artwork in frames and I was happy there was some organization to the influx of art.

Fast forward 2 years…….time to switch out the background and spiff it up a bit.  The scrapbook paper has held up pretty well, but taken a beating.  I figured this would give me the perfect “reworking” of a project to share.

So it begins………


I loved using scrapbook paper for my background because there were so many great patterns to choose from.  But I am looking for something that will last longer this time.  I found this fantastic vinyl paper in the scrapbook paper isle at the craft store.  There were not many designs to choose from but it feels ultra durable.  I picked out some with a glittery finish (hard to see in the picture) but believe me it is sparkly.  I figure a little bling won’t hurt anything.

My Project List

  • Frames (take out the back and the glass)
  • Ruler
  • Paper for your background
  • Poster Tack
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Hammer and Nails (not pictured)
  • Wooden Letters (not pictured)
  • Tape (scotch or painters) (not pictured)



I started by measuring the paper against the back of the frames.  Used my ruler and pencil to make my cut line, cut it out and voilà……..I have my background.

After I cut out all of my backgrounds I stuck them to the wall with the poster tack.  The first time I did this I spent about 45 minutes moving them around until I got the arrangement I liked.  But this time I already had my nails in so it was SUPER quick.


My squares are not perfect but who cares, the frames cover my terrible left handed cutting.  The letters were also secured to the wall with poster tack.  They are made of a light weight wood and came from the craft store.  They were already painted when purchased.

Now for the finishing touches………


Frames are up and now the best part!!  Picking out the artwork!! ………..


I used regular tape to secure the pictures to the paper in the frames (it is much easier to handle then the poster tack in my opinion).

All done (after this picture I did straighten up that bottom frame….in case you were wondering).

This was a great addition to our home 2 years ago and we still love it.  The kids (even the 2-year-old) love having their pictures on display.  When you are ready to switch out the pictures just pull down the old picture and tape up the new one (or tape over the old picture)……I don’t judge.


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