Peg People Beginnings

There is nothing better than unwinding by jamming to some 80’s pop on Pandora and painting Peg People. I LOVE these little Pegs!

My kids are into them also and while I am by no means a professional artist I feel that if my kids can tell who it is that I painted then it was a success.

There is nothing as awesome as watching my 2-year-old playing with these little guys. He pairs up the most random characters to play with which makes it so much fun. The other day he had the crazy mom from Beetlejuice fighting with Emmett from The Lego Movie.  At night before bed he will arrange 10 or so of them on a shelf on his headboard (always different characters but Captain America and Emmett normally make the cut).  Sometimes he even sleeps with one in each hand.

The downfall is that we now have close to 200 of these peeps and they ROLL everywhere.  I find them under couches and hidden in places I would have never expected them.  Also when they hit a hardwood floor you hear it and they most definitely hit the floor often!!

Here is their humble beginning……


Here is how I keep my son entertained while I am painting………


I give him a peg person to “paint”  he gets a little cup of water that I swish a little color into and a paintbrush.  This usually buys me at least 45 minutes and I almost always end up cleaning up a spilled cup of water in the end but he does have fun painting.  However I am in trouble when he figures it out and wants real paint.

Here are a few of the kids favorites………


Superheroes!!  Here we have Hulk, Spiderman, Green Lantern, Batman, Flash, Superman, Black Widow, Captain America and Wasp.  My 6-year-old daughter requests the most random superheroes……I had no idea who Wasp was until she requested it.  She announced to the comic book store guy  the other day that she is more of a Marvel girl while her brother is a DC kind of guy.  This amused my husband who I am not sure has decided if he is a DC or Marvel kind of guy himself.


Here is Wonder Woman and Emmett……My son is obsessed with The Lego Movie and if Emmett is missing at bedtime (which is almost always) we have to track him down or there will be tears.  I think I need to make a secret stash of Emmetts to keep the peace……

I have LOTS of Peg Peeps to share….more to come……

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