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Comic Book Cornhole Boards

It is rare to go to a summer cookout in the great state of Ohio without someone busting out the cornhole boards. For those of you that don’t know this game, the name is awful and we all know how it sounds.

It is nearly impossible to find good quality cornhole boards from a store, and no ones wants to play “Baggo” that is just disappointing.

My uncle made us a good quality set years ago, unfortunately they sat for a good 5 years in our garage.  They were pulled out for a few events but for the most part they sat there blank and sad.

Our blank and sad cornhole boards……..


One of the reasons they sat blank for so long is that we couldn’t decide what we wanted to do with them.  I suggested Jem and the holograms vs. the Misfits but my husband was more interested in Jedi’s vs. The Empire.  We were just big nerds that could not agree.

With the kids help we finally decided on Superman vs. Batman.

When the decision was made we were off to the Comic Book store.  One of the most inexpensive things to decorate with are comics.  If you are a huge comic book fan you might not want to read any further because this might be shocking.

We visit the comic book store quite a bit and I NEVER tell the guy what I am doing with the comics that I pillage from the cheap bin.  He might not let me back.  I am actually waiting for one of the kids to spill the beans, but to date I have been lucky.

Disclosure:  If the comic is from 1980 or older, I can’t bring myself to tear it up.  I have a pile of old Comics in a closet since I never pay attention to the dates until I am ready to take the scissors to them.  I figure if that comic has survived in tact for close to 35 years I don’t want to be the one to destroy it.  I am sure their day will come, but for right now they are safely tucked away.

My Project List:

  • Comics
  • Mod Podge
  • Brush
  • Scissors
  • Water Seal

I start by cutting up the comics and making a pile of the better pictures that feature characters I like.  Then I put a layer of mod podge with the brush on whatever part of the board I am working on (it dries pretty quick so I make sure I work in small sections)  I put the pages that are not as interesting down first on top of the mod podge and then put another layer of mod podge on top of those.  Then I get out the good picture pile and start placing them on top.  After I have all of my pictures down I spread mod podge all over the entire board (this gets messy) I use my fingers to flatten the pictures. The mod podge starts out cloudy when applied but dries clear.

Below is the finished project……..


I put a water seal over top of the boards once they were dry.  I still wouldn’t leave them out in the elements, but it made me feel better to put a seal on them anyway.

In the end, the Superman vs. Batman was a perfect theme.  We already had the standard red and blue bags for the boards so it fit in nicely:

  • Red Bag =  Team Superman
  • Blue Bag = Team Batman

I have received a lot of compliments on our boards.  They are so colorful and fun!!

I have other comic book projects I will be sharing soon………


Chalkboard Dining Table

Most of us have that item that holds a lot emotional/sentimental value……for me it is my Grandparent’s old dining room table and chairs.

There were numerous family dinners, crafts, games and puzzles that at that table… many happy memories.

When they were ready to upgrade their dining room about 15 years ago, I was the first to ask if I could have the table and chairs.  My uncle graciously offered to re-finish them since they had taken a beating over roughly 30 years.

My beautiful outdated dining room furniture minus 2 leaves and 2 chairs………..


Well after 15 years of life with us it has again taken a beating.

My husband and I had a serious discussion about just getting something new since it was outdated.  After some thought I decided I wasn’t ready to part ways with it just yet.  Plus what is the point in getting something new when we have little ones.  Like I said in a previous post, “we can’t have nice things”. That is the motto in our house……we say it at least once a day.  Just yesterday my son stuffed a bunch of little toys into the printer and my husband said, “we can’t have nice things” so case in point.

I had a CRAZY idea after tooling around Pinterest and seeing a bunch of brightly colored furniture.  I decided I was going to jazz it up…..really JAZZ it up!!

I headed to the home improvement store and picked up the brightest spray paint I could find.

My Project List:

  • Paint Deglosser
  • Valspar Spray Paint with Primer
  • Small can of primer
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Sponge
  • Mask (after spraying a few of the chairs without one I definitely recommend)
  • Chalkboard Paint (I used the spray paint variety for this project)
  • Preparation to be without a dining room table for at least a week (this was the hardest part)

I started by putting on the rubber gloves and spreading the deglosser on all of the wood with a sponge (read the directions if attempting).  I ended up doing this twice.  This roughs up the surface to get it ready for the paint.

After the glossy finish was roughed up a bit it was time to spray paint.

Below are my finished very BRIGHT and JAZZY chairs………


It took about 2 cans of spray paint per chair.  It also took about a week before they were ready for sitting.

Next was the table……


I spray painted the legs with black paint and covered the top of the table with a coat of primer.  Then I put 3 coats of chalkboard paint on the top (I used spray chalkboard paint).  Yes, I also spray painted my garage floor (my husband was not pleased) I think it makes it more interesting.

After letting the chalkboard paint set and harden up I chalked up the entire top and wiped it clean (not sure why this is needed but all of the chalkboard paint instructions recommend this).

Then I waited……and waited……and waited……..

Fast forward 1 week and several “picnic style” dinners on the floor……..


Brand new table!!  The kids fought over who was getting the blue chair and my daughter won……my son opted for the green one.  We even have a pink and orange one that we can switch in as we get bored with the colors.

Now for the BEST part…….


Oh Yeah!!  The kids can write all over the table and not even get into trouble!!  Besides just drawing we have used this to do homework (there was a lot of practicing numbers and letters this year in Kindergarten so this really came in handy).

Cleaning is a breeze too, just use soap and water like you would with anything else.

#1 most important thing about this project was letting the table sit until the paint sets (this was the most important and hardest thing to do). Just because it is hard to the touch does not mean it is set so if you do attempt to paint something like this please give it plenty of time to dry or you will have a scratched up mess on your hands.

In the end this was something that I was SUPER nervous to attempt but I am so happy that I did.

It has been about 4 months since I completed this project and we still love it.

Art Gallery Wall – Rewind

When my daughter hit pre-school her artwork became tough to keep up with.  I hung her first couple of drawings on the fridge and she was so excited…….then I ran out of room.  I stopped hanging them up and she was disappointed.  I took the lazy way out and just started sticking them all to a random wall in the house.  I live with two small children and there is no such thing as having nice things, so what’s the harm in having a few hundred pieces of tape on the wall?

This is what we ended up with (this is after I weeded out a few so it was MUCH worse)……


After some thought, I made an official Gallery Wall for her artwork where I could switch out pictures just as easy as taping them to the wall………


She was so happy to see her artwork in frames and I was happy there was some organization to the influx of art.

Fast forward 2 years…….time to switch out the background and spiff it up a bit.  The scrapbook paper has held up pretty well, but taken a beating.  I figured this would give me the perfect “reworking” of a project to share.

So it begins………


I loved using scrapbook paper for my background because there were so many great patterns to choose from.  But I am looking for something that will last longer this time.  I found this fantastic vinyl paper in the scrapbook paper isle at the craft store.  There were not many designs to choose from but it feels ultra durable.  I picked out some with a glittery finish (hard to see in the picture) but believe me it is sparkly.  I figure a little bling won’t hurt anything.

My Project List

  • Frames (take out the back and the glass)
  • Ruler
  • Paper for your background
  • Poster Tack
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Hammer and Nails (not pictured)
  • Wooden Letters (not pictured)
  • Tape (scotch or painters) (not pictured)



I started by measuring the paper against the back of the frames.  Used my ruler and pencil to make my cut line, cut it out and voilà……..I have my background.

After I cut out all of my backgrounds I stuck them to the wall with the poster tack.  The first time I did this I spent about 45 minutes moving them around until I got the arrangement I liked.  But this time I already had my nails in so it was SUPER quick.


My squares are not perfect but who cares, the frames cover my terrible left handed cutting.  The letters were also secured to the wall with poster tack.  They are made of a light weight wood and came from the craft store.  They were already painted when purchased.

Now for the finishing touches………


Frames are up and now the best part!!  Picking out the artwork!! ………..


I used regular tape to secure the pictures to the paper in the frames (it is much easier to handle then the poster tack in my opinion).

All done (after this picture I did straighten up that bottom frame….in case you were wondering).

This was a great addition to our home 2 years ago and we still love it.  The kids (even the 2-year-old) love having their pictures on display.  When you are ready to switch out the pictures just pull down the old picture and tape up the new one (or tape over the old picture)……I don’t judge.


Peg People Beginnings

There is nothing better than unwinding by jamming to some 80’s pop on Pandora and painting Peg People. I LOVE these little Pegs!

My kids are into them also and while I am by no means a professional artist I feel that if my kids can tell who it is that I painted then it was a success.

There is nothing as awesome as watching my 2-year-old playing with these little guys. He pairs up the most random characters to play with which makes it so much fun. The other day he had the crazy mom from Beetlejuice fighting with Emmett from The Lego Movie.  At night before bed he will arrange 10 or so of them on a shelf on his headboard (always different characters but Captain America and Emmett normally make the cut).  Sometimes he even sleeps with one in each hand.

The downfall is that we now have close to 200 of these peeps and they ROLL everywhere.  I find them under couches and hidden in places I would have never expected them.  Also when they hit a hardwood floor you hear it and they most definitely hit the floor often!!

Here is their humble beginning……


Here is how I keep my son entertained while I am painting………


I give him a peg person to “paint”  he gets a little cup of water that I swish a little color into and a paintbrush.  This usually buys me at least 45 minutes and I almost always end up cleaning up a spilled cup of water in the end but he does have fun painting.  However I am in trouble when he figures it out and wants real paint.

Here are a few of the kids favorites………


Superheroes!!  Here we have Hulk, Spiderman, Green Lantern, Batman, Flash, Superman, Black Widow, Captain America and Wasp.  My 6-year-old daughter requests the most random superheroes……I had no idea who Wasp was until she requested it.  She announced to the comic book store guy  the other day that she is more of a Marvel girl while her brother is a DC kind of guy.  This amused my husband who I am not sure has decided if he is a DC or Marvel kind of guy himself.


Here is Wonder Woman and Emmett……My son is obsessed with The Lego Movie and if Emmett is missing at bedtime (which is almost always) we have to track him down or there will be tears.  I think I need to make a secret stash of Emmetts to keep the peace……

I have LOTS of Peg Peeps to share….more to come……

About Me

Hi there and welcome!!

My name is Trisha.  I am Mom to a 6 year old girl and a 2 year old boy (hence the name of my site).  This is a place for me to share projects, ideas and fun stuff…..

A few years ago I started crafting and haven’t stopped since (I may be slightly obsessed).    Most of my crafts/projects are repurposing furniture with a fun twist or painting Peg People (my kids love them).  My husband and I are both children of the 80’s/90’s so we love introducing our kids to the pop culture of that time……there is nothing cooler than our kids discovering some of the things that we grew up with and loving them like we did (Legos, Mario and Superheros to name a few)!!

I hope to have many projects to share and maybe inspire others to make something fun.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you come back soon!!